Weight Boost by CPN® - 2 Pounds

CPN -Canine Performance Nutrition


CPN Weight Boost is a weight and muscle boost for all breeds. Specifically designed to help enhance muscle development, increase recovery and improve skin and coat health.

The CPN Weight Boost for dogs is a state of the art blend of human grade body building ingredients designed for rapid weight and muscle gain.

  • 100% Human grade insure the highest grade whey protein, healthy fat from palm oil, L-Glutamine and Flax Seed meal create the ideal amino acid profile
  • High Calorie Balance of Healthy fat and Omega 3 ratio

CPN's Weight Boost is ideal for those dogs who are hard gainers or dogs that have kennel stress and need a little extra in their daily diet to get past the stress and bulk up.

It tastes great and is very gentle on the on their digestive system.

Canines under 50 pounds: 1/2 scoop per 25 pounds daily

Canines 50 pounds and over: 1-2 scoops daily

Vegetable Fat, Whey Protein, Flaxmeal, L-Glutamine


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