Training Dumbbell with Extended Grip 1000g

Knut Fuchs


Knut Fuchs Dumbbell Training Dumbbell

"Many years ago I discovered by chance that I always use the same dumbbell to teach the retrieve to my dogs. It was a very old dumbbell and it had been worn down in the middle by generations of dogs. This however seemed to make it more comfortable for the dogs to hold. WHICH LEAD TO FASTER LEARNING RESULTS! The dogs would hold this dumbbell firm and steady after a very short time. I started to modify dumbbells and this is the result. The middle of this dumbbell is wider and rather flat. Because of this the dog can use more teeth to hold the dumbbell, thus making it more comfortable for the dog to hold. The small plastic strips prevent the dog from rolling the dumbbell in its mouth. I have been using this tool for many years with great success." Knut Fuchs

Another great idea - made in Germany 

Dumbbell with Extended Grip Available in 650g & 1000g

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