Tactical Cover-Up Collar for E-Collars - Cobra Buckle



Tactical Cover Up-Collar for E-Collars - Cobra Buckle is the perfect collar when certain level of inconspicuousness is needed with the reliability of high quality materials you can depend on. Fits Neck Size: 15.5in - 21.5
  • Made out of a 45mm (1.75in) wide high quality tactical belt material.
  • Cobra Buckle closure for strength and durability.
  • Wide area of Velcro on the outside of the collar delivers a safe, immovable grip and individual dog adjustability.
  • At the edges of the inside of the collar there two15mm wide material flaps that build a kind of tunnel in which you cover all manufactures of E-Collars receivers.
  • A perfect solution for training collars, no-bark collars and invisible fence receivers.
  • Three steel ring openings allow a safe connection and mounting between the Cove-up and the inner content collar where the receivers are placed
  • Provides protection for your training collars from everyday use and abuse.
  • Available in Black and Coyote Sand
  • Made in Germany

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