Search (Revier) Training Set



A another clever idea from IPO World Champion Knut Fuchs

This 3-piece search training kit is perfect combination of tools to start the training of  search exercise's. The small blind coverage is ideal for the first steps of the search training. The small blind allows the dog handler a good overview of dog and hiding place, to avoid any possible errors.

A further advantage is the compact transportability. Due to the small size of the hiding place the training can be carried out without problems. Example: in the front or back yard. 

Because of the fact that the pillow is hung up in the eye of the blind, the dog learns to look up to the hiding place and not to look on the ground. The danger of an error in training is reduced

The diameter of the blind when collapsed is is only a few inches even easy transport!

Have you ever tried to transport six complete protection services to a small car? Five mini blinds and a standard height blind is enough to train the search area.  It is also ideal to teach the chihuahua at home:)

The set consists of the following items: Mini Bite Pillow/Cushion with Nylon Tab, Mini Blind and Ground Peg.

Video is in German Audio Only


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