Retrieving from A to Z by Knut Fuchs - Book

Knut Fuchs


The new edition in English of the system developed by FCI Champion Knut Fuchs for the training of the 

retrieving exercise. Retrieving has been a focus of his seminars for many years. With this guide the dog sportsman has a modernized description of this method in a printed format. 

In modern dog training new ways or improved methods are needed to make the individual exercises even more precise and expressive. This is the goal of this new edition. New techniques are described and these are connected with the previous system. 

Knut Fuchs describes ideas for training the fast and correct ways of retrieving of the wood and taking the perfect position. Problems are addressed and many solutions are proposed. The guide has already helped many dog ​​sportsmen and is for everyone who is interested in valuable tips with a concrete guide in the training of this highly complex obedience exercise. 74 pages continuously color-page and pictures!

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