Quadro Star Bite Cushion



With its innovative design, one of the 4 biting surfaces remains in the running direction of the dog allowing the dog not having to slow down during the reward pillow.

The Quadro Star Bite Cushion offers numerous possibilities of use in obedience and protection/bite work.  Some examples are:

  • Point of departure,
  • External confirmation reward placement.
  • Training back or side transport.

Simply throw in the desired direction, the pillow automatically lands so that one of the four biting surfaces is accessible to the dog.

The Advantages of The Quadro Star Bite Cushion:

  • Allows you to work without additional help from people, you do not have to step away from the dog place reward in proper position or having someone hold the pillow.
  • This allows you to work independently and create as many repetitions as you want. 
  • The dog does not need to take place away from the exercise so drive remains high. 
  • The risk of injury is minimized since the object does not have to be picked up from the ground. 
  • Because a biting surface always points in the direction of the dog, a full bite can always be achieved. 



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