Power Boost® Advanced Rehydration & Energy Supplement for Dogs - 3.5 Pounds

CPN -Canine Performance Nutrition


Power Boost is a high-carbohydrate, low-protein, and low-fat advanced canine energy and rehydration supplement that's designed to quickly stabilize blood sugar levels, replace glycogen stores, decrease recovery time between periods of exercise (such as competition runs in agility), cool your dog, and increase water consumption. Power Boost uses a food-grade complex carbohydrate source that dissolves in water. By combining Power Boost with a liquid, it is absorbed more quickly into your dog's system. This is critical for a working dog that is involved in sprint activities and relies on bursts of explosive speed or power.

Power Boost is specifically designed for use in hot weather by high performance sport and working dogs. For dogs that tend to "run hot," Power Boost will help them run cooler and recover faster. Once a dog uses all the glycogen stores in their liver and muscles during physical activity, lactic acid levels in the muscles rise quickly and the dog's blood sugar levels drop dramatically-leading to low energy and poor performance for your dog. Power Boost is designed to prevent these problems before, during, and after exercise.

High amounts of glycogen-replacing glucose polymers along with creatine, glutamine, and more, make Power Boost the ultimate re-hydrator and recuperation product to use before, during, and after exercise. As with all new dietary products, we recommend trying Power Boost at home before you travel or compete to be sure your dog can tolerate Power Boost at the amount you intend to use it.

100% satisfaction guaranteed with all CPN products. Click on the Ingredients tab on the left for ingredients and a guaranteed analysis. When feeding Power Boost, always dissove in water and provide ample amounts of fresh drinking water to your dog.

Using Power Boost vs. Vertex: Many canine trainers use Vertex on a daily basis and then switch over to Power Boost during a competition and during exercise in hot and/or humid weather. Power Boost has many of the same great nutrients of Vertex—creatine, glutamine, lactic acid buffers, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and ginseng—but Power Boost has one-third the protein and fat of Vertex. In addition, Power Boost is intended to be used before, during, and after exercise; whereas Vertex is a daily supplement. When combined, the two products produce an amazing result!

Running Hot is a term used by sporting dog fanciers that describes a period during extreme exercise in which a dog seems to heat up.  The problem is three fold.  Normally if a dog is in good physical condition and has been prepared properly for their event, running hot is caused by insufficient amounts of glycogen stored in the muscles and liver which, when used up cause rapid drops in blood sugar levels.  The second factor involves rapid carbohydrate metabolism, which in turn causes rapid lactic acid production causing the dog to hit 'the wall.'  The third involves excess amounts of nutrients in the dogs bloodstream during exercise, causing mal-absorption of other nutrients, which triggers an automatic reaction within the dogs body to shut down muscle activity.

When it comes to carbo-loading and rehydration, the key is balance.  High amounts of glycogen replacing glucose polymers along with high tech electrolytes, creatine, glutamine and much more, make Power Boost the ultimate rehydrator and recuperation product.  Power Boost keeps your dog going before, during and after work.

Schutzhund, Hunting, Agility, Fly ball, and Rally dogs will all greatly benefit from this product. Power Boost keeps them running cooler.

We have many police K-9 officers that give Power Boost to their partners, especially in the warm summer months. These dogs can be called upon to do extreme work at any time. Feedback from the officers is that Power Boost really helps them while working or training and their recovery time is very quick.

Power Boost was first developed as a lower fat, lower protein alternative to Vertex®. Dogs competing in sports like sled racing, weight pulling and any sport that involves hard fast anaerobic exercise will benefit greatly from Power Boost as it is high carbohydrate, low protein, and low fat for rapid glycogen and electrolyte replacement and carboloading.

Power Boost is also great when you want those carbs but you don't want the heavy calories that come with a high fat content.  For instance, rehydration between performances and even during hot summer days! Many canine endurance trainers use Vertex® for those long hard workouts and then switch over to the Power Boost for the last ten days to two weeks before the competition.  Power Boost has all the great nutrients of Vertex® - creatine, glutamine, lactic acid buffers, Vitamins C, E and ginseng - but less than half the protein and fat . When combined, the two products produce an amazing result!


Maltodextrin, whey protein concentrate, canola oil, medium chain triglycerides, calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, sodium ascorbate, L-gluatmine, potassium chloride, lactobacillus acidophilus, mixed tocopherols, L-carnitine, Rosemary extract.

Serving Size
1 scoop, 20 grams

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein......  8% min
Crude Fat......  11% min
Crude Fiber......  1%
Moisture......  5% max

L-carnitine not less than 600 mg/kg (74 mg/cup).

Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) not less than 1200 mg/kg (148 mg/cup)

Feeding Guidelines
Power Boost is formulated for adult dogs. It is designed for rapid glycogen replacement and correct fluid balance after exercise. The feeding guidelines below are a starting point; you may have to experiment to find the correct amount for your dog based on individual body chemistry, temperament, and fitness level. When feeding Power Boost, always dissove in water and provide ample amounts of fresh drinking water to your dog.

Note: If you want to mix smaller amounts of Power Boost rather than a gallon or more at a time, note that there are 16 tablespoons in a cup and 128 ounces in a gallon. So for agility, for example, instead of mixing a whole gallon, you could use 1 tablespoon of Power Boost in 8 oz. of water.

Agility, flyball, schutzhund: 1 cup dissolved in 1 gallon drinking water. Feed 2-8 oz. after exercise.

Weight pulling: 1/2 cup dissolved in 1 gallon drinking water. Feed 2-4 oz. after exercise and between pulls.

Racing, hunting: 1 cup dissolved in 1 gallon drinking water. Feed 4-8 oz. after exercise.

Extreme work, sled dogs, search & rescue, extreme conditions: 1.5 cups dissolved in 1 gallon drinking water. Feed 4-12 oz. after exercise.

If you pre-mix Power Boost, it should be good for a minimum of 1 week if kept at a temperature of 40ºF.

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