Mini Bite Pillow/Cushion with Nylon Tab - Revier & Hide Training Tool



A new clever idea from IPO World Champion Knut Fuchs

In order to show a perfect spot in Revier & Hide Training the dog has to circulate the hiding places closely and above all attentively. In order to facilitate the training for this, there is now the Patented Revier Pillow. It can be hung in the normal sized blinds and also in the small blinds, the dog can tear the pillow away by the push button on the nylon tab itself, the dog learns to look into the hidden inside and will automatically run close by. Due to the fact that the pillow hangs there is no the danger of confusing the dog to look at the ground for a pillow in each hiding place but to always look up in each hiding place for a pillow or man. 

Perfect Tool for Training alone when no teammates are available.

Bite cushion in small handy design with 2 handles and a 1.5m nylon cuff removable by a pressure point. 28 x 14 x 7 cm

DGBM registered (Germany Patent)

Video in German Audio Only

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