Dogtra ARC 800 Camo Wetlands Double Receiver Collar - 3/4 Mile Dog E-Collar Trainer



Dogtra ARC CAMO than double contact system. The double receivers allow for better contact on the dogs neck allowing for an even lower level of stimulation than needed from a single receiver while training.

Dogtra succeeded in the shape of the collar receiver by its ergonomic design.

This does not just mean a better fit of the receiver but also due to the slim design, the electronics disappear almost "invisibly" behind the wide collar.

Via the hand transmitter a vibration or one of 127 levels of stim can be used and adjusted on demand 
The hand-held display is has the ability to be illuminated.

The hand transmitter can be switched off to prevent accidental tripping. The neck strap and hand transmitter are operated with replaceable batteries.

Unlike the standand version of the  ARC, the ARC Camo can be extended to 2 dogs if needed. 
Thanks to the camo-look of the collar, the device is even more discreet, especially in brown dogs!

Hand transmitter:   
 Weight:  125 g 
 Features:  Length: 9.0 cm, width: 4.0 cm, height: 3.4 cm.
 Reach:  Approx. 800 m

Neckband Receiver:   
 Weight:  155 g with uncovered collar. 
 Features:  Length: 9.0 cm, width: 2.8 cm, height: 2.5 cm.

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