Knut Fuchs Training Leash - Pro Version

Knut Fuchs


The Knut Fuchs training line has three stops, which always allow you to be handle the leash correctly.

  • The Pro version webbing is lighter and thinner than the standard version for even more tactile feel.
  • Stop point one - lies directly on the hook for new exercises, where you have to control the dog exactly and provide support (eg correct basic position). 
  • Hold point two - to keep the leash not too short or too long in the hand so that it can be loose and can be used perfectly (eg when heeling or walking).
  • Breakpoint three - to keep the dog on a longer lead and still have a good grip and good control (eg on the way to the place)!

The leash is made of light nylon material and the stoppers lie perfectly in the hand. It is of the same length. High quality Herm Sprenger Leash Hook has Load strength of 75kg (165 pounds) Total length approx. 75 cm (29.5 in) The perfect leash for your training!

Video is in German Language



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