Training Dumbbell Havatar 650g - By Knut Fuchs

Knut Fuchs


New idea of ​​an all-round retrieve wood that helps against the biggest problem in retrieving - "chewing". Your dog learns the right behavior almost by itself with this training tool.

  • Side parts can be moved so that the dog can only take it in the correct area of ​​the mouth. The flat part of the wood handle allows the dog a strong firm grip which is therefore more comfortable in the learning phase. This also prevents some dogs from throwing back the wood. 
  • The overhanging cord provide a convenient way to hold the wood sideways for another way to present it to the dog and allowing even more learning to occur.
  • Included in the set is the tried and tested flat handle for learning the quiet hold.
  • The round bridge helps to convert to a regulation IPO-suited dumbbell. 
  • Both handles can be used with a cord and are can be used both with and without the two side attached. 
  • Designed by FCI Champion Knut Fuchs

"Havatar" is much more than a normal retrieving wood. The complete set is a great help for you to bring your dog a faultless hold and retrieve. 

Set Includes: 
1 x round bar with through hole for cord
1 x flat bar with through hole for cord
2 x side section with allen screw and wrench for solid attachment 
2 x cords
1 x Allen key


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