Knut Fuchs Obedience Collar/Leash Combo - Standard Length

Knut Fuchs


Now there is a practical and popular leash in a perfect combination for modern and gentle correction! The line has the three breakpoint tabs for perfect handling and a slip collar for the perfect fit! Designed by IPO Champion Trainer Knut Fuchs.

  • Breakpoint 1 - lies directly at the collar connection for new exercises, perfect to guide the dog in a very precise and supportive manner (eg basic position).
  • Breakpoint 2 - to keep the leash not too short or too long in the hand, so that it is loose and can be used perfectly (eg during heeling)! 
  • Breakpoint 3 - to keep the dog on a long lead and still have a good hold and good control (eg on the way to the place)! 

The leash is made of light nylon material and the breakpoint tabs are optimally placed for precise control. The orange collar is soft for the dog's neck and the two stoppers help for the perfect adjustment and prevent the collar from pulling to tight. 

A true modern leash for obedience training. 

Max Neck Width (circumference): 48cm(19in)

Made in Germany

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