IQ Positioning Bar (Heeling Tool)

IQ Dogsport


Perfect position in walking with the patented IQ position bar

What is the IQ position bar used for?

The patented IQ Positioning Rod is an ideal tool to learn the dog's correct position in heeling . When the dogs have learned how to position themselves in heeling, one usually gets to the point that the dog no longer holds the head in the correct position , or the dog pushes forward or presses on the leg . IQ team thought a lot about how to lead the dog in a self-motivated way in the perfect position without fighting with the dog. After many considerations, IQ came up with the idea of the position bar. Its effect is so good that many customers also call it a magic wand.

The advantage of the position bar is that the dog can be very well positioned in the perfect position, since the dogs do not like to have contact with the metal pins. This keeps the dogs self-motivated in the position specified by the handler. It is extremely important that the dog's positional bar is guided like a solid barrier and NOT be struck or corrected with the bar.

What is the detachable angle for?

The angle at the position bar is fixed with a wing screw and can be removed. The angle is used when the dog presses the dog handler in the footwork. The angle of the position bar is guided on the left leg of the dog handler.

The position bar in useIQ Position Bar-Dog Sport Supply Company


  • Weight: approx. 260g without angle and approx. 300g with angle
  • Length: approx. 64cm
  • Material: aluminum 


Important instructions:

  • The position bar is to be operated as a passive barrier.
  • Do not hit dog with the bar!
  • Do not use the rod in the eyes of the dog!
  • We do not accept liability!

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