IQ Dogsport Rubberized Leash - 1 Meter

IQ Dogsport


IQ rubberized leashes are made of a very resistant nylon strap and are very hardy due to the rubber applied on both sides and are perfect when a good grip is needed. 
  • Each line is equipped with a German made stainless steel carabiner and is sewn with the highest quality stitching. 
  • IQ uses the same seam design used by parachute makers, which requires the highest demand of stress on the stitching. 
  • In addition, each leash has a name tag so that your leash can be marked. 

Why Stainless Steel Carabiners?

  • You have to trust a good leash. Therefore all IQ Dogsport leashes have a stainless steel carabiner. Die-cast carabiners that they often break unpredictably after undetermined time. If the carabiner breaks at the wrong moment, the consequences can have consequences. 
  • The rubberized strap is 19mm wide.
  • 1 meter without hand loop 
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Pink

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