Herm Sprenger NeckTech Curogan Sport Training Collar with Clicklock 48cm (19in)

Herm Sprenger


Herm Sprenger NeckTech CUROGAN Sport Training Collar  with Clicklock 48cm. A revolution in the area of ​​the Training Collars! 

  • Curogan is a patented alloy and the first material that was especially developed for producing dog collars. For dogs which react to wearing conventional collars with fur discoloration.
  • Curogan is a proven alternative. It is not only because of the anti-allergic features (nickel free) but also because of the appealing look that the Curogan collars are becoming ever more popular.
  • The sleek design does does not give away the fact it is a training collar. 
  • The design of the collar imitates the fangs of a dog. The results are a natural communication to the dog. This achieves harmony and confidence between the dog and the handler during the training.
  • Suitable for short and long-haired breeds. 
  • Thanks to adjustable links which can be adjusted for different lengths.
  • Now also in stainless steel matte black. 
  • Perfect for short and long haired dogs. 
  • Length: 48cm (19in)
  • For dogs with max weight up to 65 kg
  • German Made




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