GoughNuts® K9 Kup - Black


$22.97 $27.68

The GoughNuts K9 Kup Black is designed as a "work to eat" product and also general interactive play.

The K9 Kup is a great when filled with treats like peanut butter mixed with kibble etc, and frozen. Prevents boredom for Adult Dogs and Puppies and will keep themselves occupied for long periods of time. The K9 Kup is multi-colored with red and therefore there is not a red indicator as part of the design.  This Black K9 Kup is the most durable in the K9 Kup Line. 

Please monitor all products and please remove damaged toys from dog The GoughNuts K9 Kup is an interactive toy, not for constant chewing. The Original GoughNut Ring designs are the most durable design and should be used for power chewing.

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