Flex Pole Trainer

Dog Sport


The Flex Pole is Must have training tool-

Used by Master Trainer Bart Bellon® (for more information on Bart Bellon and Nepopo-Click on this Link)

- An animal friendly tool to let dogs of all ages enjoy the outdoors.

-Light weight and portable makes this tool great to be able to train anywhere

- Ideal for Postion work(Sit,Down,Stand,Stay)

- Perfect for Puppy training or letting a puppy roam and explore the outdoors under control.

- Suitable for various protective service sequences

- Great for increasing drive with Heel Work

- Suitable for large or small breeds

- supports up to 115kg landing weight

- Rubberized steel cable carabiner - user friendly

- High-quality stainless steel frame

- 360 degree rotatable

- Rigid ground anchor included



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