FitPAWS® TRAX™ Donut



FitPAWS®  TRAX™ Donut: The Trax Surface Prevents Slipping and Provides Neurosensory Stimulation for your dog as well as

  • Build Confidence
  • Improve Fitness
  • Focus Attention
  • Strengthen Muscles
    • Special TRAX™ Design Provides Superior Grip and Stability
    • Features TRAX™ Neuro Stimulation Bumps
    • Burst Resistant to 300 lbs. – Designed to Deflate Slowly If Punctured
    • 13” height x 22”width (33 cm x 55 cm)
    • Inflation Pump and Guidelines Included

    Technically Designed for Your Canine

    • The FitPAWS® TRAX™ Donut Ball is uniquely-shaped inflatable fitness ball designed specifically for dogs. Its flattened base offers more stability than other inflatables. With your assistance, your dog can learn to stand, sit, lay, side step and perform other beneficial exercises.
    • Real-Time Results
    • Subtle movement of the Donut under your dog’s weight causes a shift in your dog’s center of gravity. Your dog will naturally try and maintain balance, causing the muscles to engage and strengthen. It’s that simple.
    • Expand Your Dog’s Playground
    • A strong core is the powerhouse between front and rear body movement. If you are a dog, it helps you when you sit up, stand up, run, turn, twist, jump and play. Too cold or hot to walk your dog outside? Exercise your dog indoors on a FitPAWS playground!
    • Donut Holder: (Sold Separately) Inflatable Donut Holder Provides Stability

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