Bongo Jute Bite Roll Pillow/Tug - Hard



The Bongo Bite is an excellent reward for bite technique. The dog's has to open its mouth wide to allow a good grip to enjoy the reward.Made with high quality German Jute.

The dogs grip quality is promoted by the soft inner lining, since it can easily be squeezed together to allow full bite enjoyment.

The dog will experience a very pleasant and natural feeling of biting. The size and the shape is designed so that even when the roll lies on the ground the dog can reward with a full grip.

Available in 2 versions: soft and hard

Weight: 500g (18oz.)
Length: 30cm (12in) not including handle length
Diameter: 12cm (5in)
Material: Bite surface Jute, leather sides, handles on both sides are made with extra grip material.

Made from Germany

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